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Quality Over Quantity

By: Cassidy Stevens Quality matters more than quantity. This is a key truth in the world of digital content. Carmen Hill, principal strategist and writer at Chill Content, emphasized this message in her talk to the class this past week. Hill discussed the importance of strategizing brand content rather than just posting mindless content. Brands can utilize social media to…read more
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Using Binge Worthy Content

Josie Ruff This last week, Carmen Hill spoke to the class about content strategy. She reminded us that just like our journalism peers we need to be asking the five “W’s” (who, what, where, why and when) when we are producing content. Her advice on the “when?” question was to think less like a publicist and more like a TV…read more
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Podcasts – Building an Army One Episode at a Time

By: Ian Burleigh It's an interesting world of entertainment that we live in, today. Between Netflix, YouTube, Twitch, a myriad of other streaming services, and good ole' fashioned TV, we find that the majority of our entertainment is delivered via screen. When our eyes aren't glued to a screen, we often find ourselves with headphones on, drowning out the outside…read more
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The In Crowd

By: Erich Aguillon From 72% of consumers who did a local search visited a store within five miles Local searches lead 50% of mobile visitors to visits stores within one day 72% of adult internet users use Facebook Facebook posts with images see 2.3x more engagement than those without images On Instagram, photos showing faces get 38% more Likes…read more
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Social Media Management & Consumer Content Marketing

By Parker Doyle Kateri Kosta and Jonathan Michael from Palo Alto Software visited with the class on Monday to discuss the importance of social media management and consumer content marketing. Michaels began the lecture with the straightforward question, “What is the point of social media?” Michaels quoted the Content Marketing Institutes definition of content marketing as “... a strategic marketing…read more
Twitter Summary

Content Strategy

By: Ani Clifford, Taylin Minnaert, Rachel Hanks The class was very engaged in today’s Twitter feed, with over 80 tweets! Today we heard from Kateri Kosta and Jonathan Michael from Palo Alto Software. They spoke about the different aspects of content strategy. Jonathan Michael started off the presentation by asking the class, “What is the point of social media?” Kosta…read more
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Facebook is Totally Obsessed With You

By Katy Edgington (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) Have you ever scrolled through Facebook and seen advertisements or posts that seem eerily relevant to you? Maybe a dress you liked on Nordstrom’s website appeared on your Facebook timeline the next time you logged in, or you’ve at least found yourself in a similar situation. That is because everything you do on Facebook…read more
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Do Quit your Day Job: the Social Media Influencers that are Making Millions, One Post at a Time

By Sean Thornberry (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram) It seems like there’s not an hour that goes by without someone posting a multi-level marketing scheme or some affiliate product on social media. I’ve become so accustomed to these posts that I’m subconsciously scrolling past without giving a second thought to what they contain. This new trend isn’t without merit however. Companies have…read more
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Life Hack: Use Pinterest!

By Ethan Ferdig, @ethan_ferdig   Pinterest, the internets’ most beloved site to find mason jar lunches, life hacks, and fashion designs, proves to be the most powerful conversion-to-sales social media platform. From the research many marketers have performed, it’s not shocking that a site featuring attractive photography has high conversion rates. What makes Pinterest unique when compared to other sites,…read more