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Ghost Blogging: Ethical?

Photo by Jesus Kiteque on Unsplash Post by: Ani Clifford   We’ve all heard of ghost tweeting, but there is a less known version of this called ghost blogging. This is often where a social media team writes on behalf of an executive member of a company. The question is, is this ethical? There are many discussions on whether or…read more
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How didn’t they think that through?

By Emily Hamann  @emhamann93 and Julia Hofmann @Juliahofmann9   Class on Wednesday February 1st was an exciting and engaging class about ethics, responsibility, and major fails. We began by discussing the basics of ethics and discovered how our values and beliefs affect our decision-making, and then explored real life ethical dilemmas. These dilemmas brought up topics of disclosure, or revealing…read more
Student Posts

A Supersized Ethical Dilemma

  By: Kayla Gordon What happens when an individual’s curated self, with upward of 20 million Twitter followers, becomes an ethical dilemma? NBA All-Star LeBron James has been widely criticized in recent years for his endorsements of unhealthy brands like Coca-Cola and McDonald’s. James is not alone in his endorsement of junk food. Many high-profile athletes represent brands that nutritionists…read more