Twitter Summary

Be the Voice in the Room

Authors: Kristle Saneewong, Gabe Ovetz, Brian Willison, Kenden Blake Our team was responsible for managing the class conversation on Twitter using the class hashtag #SOJCssm on Monday, February 5. During the three days around class (Pre, Day-Of, and Post), there were 44 tweets using #SOJCssm, with 34 coming on the actual day of class. Our team shared six background articles the…read more
Twitter Summary

How didn’t they think that through?

By Emily Hamann  @emhamann93 and Julia Hofmann @Juliahofmann9   Class on Wednesday February 1st was an exciting and engaging class about ethics, responsibility, and major fails. We began by discussing the basics of ethics and discovered how our values and beliefs affect our decision-making, and then explored real life ethical dilemmas. These dilemmas brought up topics of disclosure, or revealing…read more