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Ethics or Reckless? Are you monitoring what you post?

By Elyssa Dziwak | February 4, 2019 Transparency, anonymity and respecting others are the golden rules that public relations professionals like to emphasize when dealing with social media ethics. It’s very easy to get carried away and stretch the truth, or flat out lie, but like all things in life there are consequences to unethical behavior. To really understand social…read more
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The Power of Influencers

By: Elliana Meinert Influencers. We’ve all heard of them, and many of us follow them on multiple social media accounts. Everyone has seen or responded to influencer marketing whether they know it or not. From celebrities to everyday people, influencers have taken over all social media platforms with their vast followings. They are people who have spent time building their…read more
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Influencers: Authenticity Is Key

By Hannah Blair | February 2, 2019 Social media is filled with influencers for just about anything. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about, especially when there are advertisements between almost every post you see as you’re scrolling down your feed. I did not realize the effect influencers had on me until we were discussing them in my Strategic…read more
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Twitter Management Team: January 31, 2019. All About Influencers.

By: David Gugliotti, Laura Groshans, Bodie Crist, Molly Mair Will we ever end the high school need to know what the "cool" kids are doing? Thursday's class discussion dove into the why, how, and what of the INFLUENCER. Our team posted 13 articles prior to class related to influencers for context. In class, Kelli discussed influencers as people who are…read more
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Twitch: Engaging your target market via Influencers

by: David Twitch is currently one of the largest streaming platforms in the world. Primarily catering to gamers and esports, Twitch has expanded into music, culinary, art, TV shows, Talk shows, IRL Streams, and even the NFL. Twitch is unique in the fact that every channel has a live chat room built into it where users can converse with…read more
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The Influencer Effect

By: Casi Jackson Social media influencers have made their presence known in the world of marketing. Although this form of marketing has become more prevalent, consumers have also become more cautious as to who they listen to and trust. Brands have caught on to the fact that consumers control the success of their products, therefore they must find a way…read more
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Being a Nano-Influencer On UO’s Campus.

By: Kaytlyn Lozano One brand that utilizes “nano influencers” (as discussed in Thursday’s class) is VS PINK and I am proud to say that I am one of the #pinksponsoredreps. Based on the Influencer Marketing Framework discussed in class, I decided it would be appropriate to outline my experience as a PINK Campus Representative using this model, much like Kelli…read more

Twitter Management Team: January 29, 2019

By: Kaytlyn Lozano, Natalie Stone, Abby Wolff, and Zhiheng Li Tuesday’s class was all about network analysis--the types, languages, usage, and analyzation. Although of a more “how-to” class for our approach to client brand research, Kelli Matthews  guided the class towards understanding Netlytic. To understand the language of network analysis, Kelli first discussed the “nodes” and “edges” of what our…read more
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Knowing Your Network

By: Kirbi Campbell Networking: "the action or process of interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts." In other words...the most stressed piece of advice given to Journalism majors. Networking in the society we live in today seems almost too easy with the tools we are provided with to connect with one another such as Instagram,…read more