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Why We Connect

Jerome Pizzelli- Have you ever heard this saying before? I know Mike's brother's, college roommate's, best friend's uncle or something similar? At first glance this doesn't really mean anything, right?  I am talking about a person who a majority of the people listed didn't even know or really care to know. What it does mean though is that out of a series…read more
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Traveling & Influencers

Stacia Betley, MBA student in Sustainability I have a passion for traveling. Not traveling to escape or relax, but to challenge myself. I travel to learn from other cultures, meet new people, and gain a global perspective. I spent the past 12 months working, volunteering, and traveling in Asia (Mongolia, China, Japan, Nepal, India, and SE Asia). I loved taking…read more
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Full Interview with Influencer, Rachel Pohl

Stacia Betley, MBA in Sustainability Rachel Pohl is an artist, adventurer, humanitarian, and environmentalist. With almost 70k followers, the stories and photos she shares impact the community if she likes it or not. Not only does she share her art on Instagram, but she also uses Instagram as a platform to discuss being to herself whether that be knowing her…read more
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Social Media Influence in 2018

Posted by: Sarah Ballard. It's now 2018 and you can basically make a career from being an online influencer and internet sensation. People of all ages are getting creative and expressing themselves through social media, and if you're lucky, you can catch on. Companies are willing to give away free product, cash, or online exposure in exchange for popular accounts…read more
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The Ethical Influencer: Transparency and Information in Today’s Social World

Influencers are the future of social media marketing. According to a Business Insider article, influencer marketing is set to become a $2 billion industry by 2019. This represents massive growth for influencers. With this, comes more power and sway over respective industry trends and purchases. Having this influence (no pun intended) means more responsibility and expectations that they need to…read more
Twitter Summary

Influencers Impact

On Monday, January 29th our Strategic Social Media class began discussing the importance of influencers. Kelli Matthews began with asking our class to name some influencers that we personally follow. A few favorites mentioned on Twitter include DJ Khaled (@djkhaled), Rafael Casal (@RafaelCasal), and peers. Bailey Athan (@baileyathan) raised an interesting question with her Twitter poll “Which platform do you…read more

The ‘Honesty’ App

Maddie Landers @maddielanders22 It is 2018 and cell phones are a teen's best friend. In fact, it is where they reach their thousands of closest friends and where their friends reach them. However, not everything received is always friendly. With a multitude of popular social media mediums from Facebook, to Instagram, to Snapchat and beyond, perhaps one of the easiest apps…read more
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Anonymity and Cyberbullying

By: Mikayla Edwards In class on Wednesday we discussed the topics of anonymity and the roles it plays in society today, specifically on social media. One of the consensus' was that being able to write or leave comments anonymously allows people to feel more confident in their responses so they are more likely to be harsh or crude. Being anonymous online…read more
Twitter Summary

Listen and Learn

Live tweeting started immediatly in class on Wednesday, January 24th with an understanding of active listening. As class proceeded, Kelli Matthews started the topic of listening and monitoring for social media along with what companies should listen for. Kelli asked us what brands we have personally interacted with on social media. Justin Hanes raised an intriguing question. He asked, "Which brands…read more
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Don’t Forget to Stop and Listen

By: Kristle Saneewong Just like it’s important to pay attention in class, it’s also important that you (and brands) are listening on social media. Social media platforms are the hub of ideas, users, and conversations. This means that all sorts of brands—from airlines to toilet paper—can gain insight that will increase their following and boost their reputation among audiences. While…read more