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Social Media & Technology Take Over: A Blessing Or A Curse?

Brianna Martin: j480 Today's various social media platforms allow for connection and interaction beyond belief. In many instances, technology provides us accessibility, opportunity, and imagination that reality simply cannot. On the contrary, we see the overconsumption and overuse of technology and social media poisoning multiple aspects of individuals' real lives. This brings upon the question: Is the prominence of social…read more
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Are You Listening?

By: Jon Fisher  @jonnfisher I can count the number of good listeners I know on one hand. I know a lot of great talkers and conversationalists. But people who will listen and ask questions without their own agenda are truly hard to find. Sadly, it's a trait that is no longer valued. Just look at college for example. Constantly, students are being told…read more
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Social media and social class: does one perpetuate the other?

By Ivan Hernandez Instagram & twitter: @iahl0914 Social classes are entrenched in our society. Nobody likes to talk about it or discuss it, but it’s a prominent characteristic in our society.  Economic division creates our cultural division, and the more distanced we are from each other the easier it is for elites to perpetuate the status quo, so is social…read more
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What A Monday!

By Kristin Peixotto (@kpeixotto27), Rhea Gates (@rheakaigates) and Dominic Black (@dominic_black7) During class on Monday, February 13th we dove deep into social media audits and how to understand the data. Unfortunately, the class really just needed a mental health day so engagement was low. But spirits we lifted a bit when the class got to hack into the Facebook page…read more
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Measuring Your Media

By: McKenzie Hargens (@Kenziehargenss) As social media establishes it permanence as a communication tool, a marketing tool and a news source, organizations are beginning to recognize its significance in measuring and monitoring digital presence and audience connection. However when it comes to interpreting insights drawn from social media data analytics, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. By…read more
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by Cyrus Heffernan Twitter: @czheff Like it or not, social media is an essential part of every 21st-century business, and with it comes the potential for a PR disaster. Organizational PR crises come in several different flavors, and while some have a certain amount of prior warning (creeping and slow-burn crises), here we’ll take a look at every social media…read more
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Listen More. Talk Less.

By: Rhea Gates Twitter: @RheakaiGates   Social. Media. Crisis. Three words no PR professional can hear or utter without an inevitable cringe. Unfortunately, social media firestorms are becoming regular news during our lifetime. You can hardly look at a television, computer or cell phone screen without being bombarded by the latest organizational blunder followed by new hashtags and passionate multi-platform…read more