How Weight Loss programs Can Damage Body Image

By Klaire Olson Weight loss companies like Flat Tummy Co emotionally appeal to consumers and exploit body image standards. While the current generation is making great improvements turning away from an “ideal” body image and more towards “ body positivity” there continues to be a socially ingrained association with skinniness and beauty. Meaning that a woman must fit a certain…read more

Ethics and Permanence: Social Media and a Country in Mourning

By: Brandon Yee As the news of Kobe Bryant’s death spread across various news outlets almost two weeks ago, a cascade of posts flooded social media in the hours and days following the helicopter crash that ultimately claimed nine lives in Southern California. While the majority of the posts across social media shared an overwhelming sentiment of grief and remembrance…read more
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When is the Right Time to Break Tragic News?

By: Bridget Kraus How soon after a tragic event happens should news outlets be able to post publicly about them? It seems as though certain news sources broadcast about tragedies in barely any time at all after the fact. News posts covering these events do not leave any time for those directly impacted by the event (i.e. family, close friends,…read more

Twitter Summary: 2/5/20 Social Media Ethics & Crisis Management

By Sara Espinosa, Sarah Naciri, Anushka Pawashe, Jack Ritt and John Wright We spent the second class of Week 5 talking more about the ethics that surround social media decisions and started the topic of crisis management.  The class started with a discussion of how some companies don’t spend enough time or don’t have enough resources when it comes to…read more

Can you PR your way out of bad behavior?

By: Miranda Menard. It’s not new news that celebrities, athletes and politicians are constantly getting into trouble by behaving poorly. For decades, they have been getting themselves into scandals and stirring the pot. Some of these incidents are big, like the President Clinton and other celebrity cheating scandals or Ray Rice getting busted for abusing his girlfriend in an elevator. …read more
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Influencers are EVERYWHERE!

By Hannah Miller As social media platforms continue to grow in 2020, influencer marketing will keep on evolving. Influencers have become a fundamental marketing strategy for many brands, and will continue to help brands in connect with their public in relatable ways. In 2020, just being famous will not be enough for brands. Brands desire influencers that will have an…read more

Is it Ethical for Companies to Post on Social Media After a Celebrity Death?

By Kyra Flynn As many are already aware, the world was shocked upon the announcement of basketball legend Kobe Bryant’s fatal passing. In response, many took to social media to grieve and pay tribute to Kobe and the other lives that were taken in the accident. One of the few companies to speak out in the midst of this frenzy…read more
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Ethics in Advertising: How Far is Too Far?

By: Molly Kavanaugh The Super Bowl is the advertising industry's biggest stage of the year and with that, brands must put forward their best marketing strategies. As a staple of American culture, Super Bowl commercials attract audiences from all over the nation, and the world. Some brands disregard all ethical issues simply to make a statement with their commercial. There…read more