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Hit “Delete” All You Want, Email Marketing is Still Alive and Well

By Katie Zurbrick@zurbyy This last weekend, I met someone with over 15,000 unread emails in his inbox. As someone who is admittedly very type A and finds it difficult to relax in the presence of red notification bubbles, this really stressed me out. I’m willing to bet the vast majority of those unread messages were promotional content, or “spam” as…read more
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What Makes Someone an Influencer?

Written by: Emma Brennan. In today's society, we are constantly being marketed to and influenced. The question is however, what makes someone an influencer and how do they gain all this power? Whether you are scrolling through Instagram, Twitter or Facebook you can find posts containing marketed products and influencing opinions. Now with the release of the new app Tik…read more

Dangers of Disinformation: Social Media and Youth

By Sarah Lovely This past Wednesday, Professor Damian Radcliffe came and presented his research into how the Middle East uses social media. His presentation explained many misconceptions and realities of social media’s role in the Middle East. One point he made was that social media has become the dominant source for news for young people in the Middle East. This…read more
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Twitter Summary: 3/4/20 Social Media in the Middle East

On Wednesday of week 9, guest speaker Professor Damian Radcliffe from the University of Oregon came to talk to us about social media in the Middle East. He talked about some of the misconceptions of social media in the middle east, social media influencers, the various social media platforms used, the difficulties associated with the social media trend and some…read more
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Is your Influencer Marketing giving you positive ROI? Here’s how to find out. Written by: Jason Jantz Influencer marketing has become one of the fastest growing advertising channels. It’s not a new phenomenon. In fact, it’s been around for thousands of years. But in the last decade, social media has re-written the influencer playbook. Social media has allowed homogeneous groups…read more
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What is Whatsapp and why aren’t Americans using it?

By Monty Miller In the last 10 years alone, the social media boom has changed the way that we communicate as a global society. Social media has allowed us as humans to connect over several different platforms with people all over the world with similar passions, interests, and personalities.  Although there are some social media platforms that are universally extremely…read more

Twitter Management 3/2

Google Analytics By: Kyra Flynn, Molly Kavanaugh, Jaden Watkins, and Abigail Portwood In class on Monday, March 2nd Kelli Matthews dove into the logistics and significance of Google Analytics for companies. She began the lecture by pointing out Google Analytics from three frames; understanding, interpreting, and analyzing. Furthermore, Kelli explained the “buckets”, one of them being the analysis of how…read more

Global Social Media

By Jillian Fraccola Globalization has created an opportunity for brands to offer products to consumers abroad. The most cost-effective way to reach these potential audiences is through social media. The four most popular social networks based on share of minutes are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and SnapChat. See the chart below for details across countries. For more insights into social media…read more