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5 Takeaways From This Class

By: Craig Garcia (@shaggycano) Virtual high-five’s and congratulatory pats on the back to each and everyone of us! I’m technically suppose to be writing some in-depth blog about measuring analytics, but in the name of summer, and since all of our brains are completely fried (and I might legitimately pass out if I type the word “analytics” again) I decided…read more
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#SOJCssm Concluded

By: Margaret SutherlandAfter our last guest lecturer Kayla Glanville spoke the other day, I was left thinking about some of the things she said and how her points tie in to what we have discussed this term. Below I wrote down some of the major points that Kayla reaffirmed, and that were driven home for me this term. Kayla Glanville…read more
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Editorial Calendars For Beginners

By: Cody Koenig  What exactly is a social editorial calendar? According to Digital Journalist, Olsy Sorokina, a social media editorial calendar is an effective way to organize and create content for social media platforms, as well as efficient way help develop your editorial strategy. Throughout this term, we’ve talked about editorial calendars several times. But what purpose do they serve?…read more
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Digital Advertising with Kayla Glanville

By: Tatiana Skomski, Lauren Garetto, Sophie Lair, Anna Williams Today we got to Skype with University of Oregon graduate Kayla Glanville who currently works at Twitter. Kayla works in digital marketing, managing paid content. With this she works for both brands and agencies to make sure that they are posting high-quality content, specific to their audiences. Kayla explains that in order for…read more
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8 Things to Include in your Social Media Editorial Calendar

By Andrea Harvey Editorial calendars are necessary in getting the most out of your social media accounts. You'll want to plan and schedule your posts a couple months in advance to ensure they reflect your goals. A thriving social media presence requires daily posting. So what sort of posts should you fill your editorial calendar with? Here are some ideas to help guide you…read more
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Interdisciplinary Research in Social Media Analysis

by Rudy Omri Twitter | LinkedIn | Website | Department Page Carmen Hill’s lecture last week gave me a few valuable takeaways: it is important to look for collaboration opportunities, to always learn from other disciplines and to not stay within your comfort zone. As research becomes more integrative and global, collaboration is becoming more important, and social media analysis…read more

Carmen Hill: Content Matters

By Darin Shelstad Carmen Hill joined us in class this week to discuss content marketing and strategy. She is a Marketing Director for Connective DX so if anyone knows what they're talking about, it's her. She gave us some great food for thought. How important is content anyway?  Of content's importance she said "content is more than collateral—it’s a core business asset…read more
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Social Media Strategy and Planning Twitter Summary

By Ashley Carter In Strategic Social Media this week, we discussed the beginning stages of strategic social media planning and strategies. On Tuesday, we began discussing the social media plan portion of our final projects. Our live-tweeters began by posting pertinent information about this topic before class. We began with information about the pre-stages of planning, as well as the…read more