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A Supersized Ethical Dilemma

  By: Kayla Gordon What happens when an individual’s curated self, with upward of 20 million Twitter followers, becomes an ethical dilemma? NBA All-Star LeBron James has been widely criticized in recent years for his endorsements of unhealthy brands like Coca-Cola and McDonald’s. James is not alone in his endorsement of junk food. Many high-profile athletes represent brands that nutritionists…read more
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Ethics in social media

By Andréa Harvey, Natalie Mangan and Kira Hoffelmeyer The main lesson I learned from our discussion on transparency was the value of being proactive rather than reactive. An issue that best exemplified this was dishonesty of relationships because it seems pretty straightforward at first — don't lie, obviously. But transparency isn't just about not lying — it's about telling the truth, which involves much more effort. Otherwise, it's easy…read more
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Is Native Advertising Inherently Unethical?

By: Alexander Cano @shaggycano Twitter & Instagram What: "Native advertising is a form of online advertising that matches the form and function of the platform on which it appears." Where: "For example, an article written by an advertiser to promote their product, but using the same form as an article written by the editorial staff." (Wikipedia) Why?: Advertisers know that the most…read more
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The Importance of Transparency vs. Authenticity

By Christina Roach (@bbambilove) It seems most often when speaking about business practices via social media, consumers automatically jump to the conclusion that businesses being transparent is the most important practice of all. Of course we have discussed a lot this week about how we, as consumers, have experienced a lot of situations where businesses have been extremely transparent with…read more
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Social Media Ethics

By Cody Koenig (@koenigcody) Who determines what is ethical on social media? Most of the time when I post on social media, I’m my own toughest critic. I make sure my content is meaningful, sensitive and accurate. While I may think I am my toughest critic, it’s actually my audience. Far to often people post content that is offensive to…read more
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Transparency & Ethics in the Social Media World

By Rhianna Gelhart (@RGelhart) Transparency and Ethics go hand in hand when it comes to businesses and their practices. In order for a company to be transparent they must be following their ethical standards and guidelines closely. Right? It turns out that there are some very fine lines that come along with Transparency and Ethics. For starters many companies definition…read more
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Transparency in Social Media

By Sara McCauley @saramccauley7 & Nici Bentivegna @nicibentivegna On April 21st, our class discussed the importance of transparency, especially for companies, on social media. We took a look at how transparency can either help or hurt a brand, like with the controversy between messages of Dove and Axe (who are both owned by Unilever). Dove targets their audience by promoting…read more
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The Greenwashing Threshold

Katie McGuigan | @knmcguigan At a time where brand transparency is vital to building long-lasting customer relationships brands are constantly working to connect with their consumer's values. And as environmental health continues to be a growing concern, companies are simultaneously trying to align their values by becoming “environmentally conscious brands.” Enter greenwashing. Greenwashing is deceitful tactic used in company advertising to make their…read more
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Transparency is Key

By Bri Briggs | Twitter Dear corporations, Social media platforms have bridged the gap between us. Whether this is a good or a bad thing is up to you to decide. As we all know, news travels fast. Though this may or may not be an advantage for corporations, it has given consumers more power than ever before. It only…read more