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Millennials Live Más

By: Marisa Cesare, @marisajocesare In class this week, we touched on the importance of brands being present on Facebook. Facebook is an incredibly versatile social media platform that can reach out to a large audience when used correctly. At this point in the Facebook game, the type of content being shared is incredibly important. Consumers are looking for entertaining and…read more
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Benefits of Working with Social Media Influencers

By: Jennifer Kim, @je_nniferkim Although both drive action and raise awareness for a brand, there are many differences between social media influencers and brand advocates. Influencers are defined by the size of their audience while brand advocates are already customers and likely to recommend the brand. However, influencers are significant in driving conversations, improving search engine rankings, and building trust…read more
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Life Hack: Use Pinterest!

By Ethan Ferdig, @ethan_ferdig   Pinterest, the internets’ most beloved site to find mason jar lunches, life hacks, and fashion designs, proves to be the most powerful conversion-to-sales social media platform. From the research many marketers have performed, it’s not shocking that a site featuring attractive photography has high conversion rates. What makes Pinterest unique when compared to other sites,…read more
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Influencers & Gifs Galore

Wednesday, March 1 Twitter Summary by Shannon Elliott, Talia Smith & Jennifer Kim @shan_an_anon @talmarie123 @je_nniferkim Although it was a Wednesday, it definitely felt like a Monday in lecture. Engagement in lecture was low, but expected. It’s the middle of week eight; what else would you expect? Kelli started the lecture on influencers by showing pictures of one of the “hottest” celebrities…read more
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Fake It Till You Make It

By: Mahina Husain @hiinabebs We all know social media is a great tool to connect with friends, post photos, share funny moments and show your personality to the world. However, it can also cost you a job. Over 60% of employers reported using social media to research job candidates. Of those employers, 55% said the reconsidered an applicant because of something they found.…read more
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By: Kate Miller ( twitter: @kateeeeMiller )  Throwback, to when you were a little kid and you were super pumped your parents bought you a new toy for being good. Of course, you told all of your friends you have the latest Barbie (or lego?). Then influencing all of your other friends to be good and ask for a barbie.…read more
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Social Content Cheat Sheet

By Olivia Determan (@oliviadeterman), Erika Goto (@thisiserikagoto), and Erin Petit (@erinopetit) Mondays in J480 can be pretty low energy after not having class the very first two Mondays of winter term. The Monday of week 8 was different, however, when the day’s topic was revealed: content creation. After learning about analytics, audits, dos and don’ts, crises, and research, we finally…read more
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#Hashtagology 101

By: Charissa Corlies (@CharissaCo) Can we all first take a moment to think back to when the # meant so many other things. Ah simpler times those were. Then 2007 happened. The first iPhone was released, Keeping Up With The Kardashians premiered, and Google’s Chris Messina had an idea that would connect communities all over the world. What began as…read more
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Snapchat vs. Instagram Live: Battle Royale

By: Katherine Wylie It is no secret that our favorite social media platforms have begun to replicate even the most classic features from other platforms. This practice has allowed for each platform to be less specialized, leaving them unrecognizable from their original purposes. This incorporation has led to users creating accounts on multiple platforms that now accomplish largely the same…read more
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It Wasn’t Steve Harvey’s Fault This Time

By: Sarah Borchardt (@sarahborchardt7, The Oscars. An anticipated, incredible, and rewarding evening for all film, fashion, and pop culture fans. I have to admit that I, myself, am not an avid film watcher, and hadn't even seen a single one of the movies up for awards (I know, not even La La Land). However, I still watch this awards…read more