The ‘Honesty’ App

Maddie Landers @maddielanders22 It is 2018 and cell phones are a teen's best friend. In fact, it is where they reach their thousands of closest friends and where their friends reach them. However, not everything received is always friendly. With a multitude of popular social media mediums from Facebook, to Instagram, to Snapchat and beyond, perhaps one of the easiest apps…read more

Carmen Hill: Content Matters

By Darin Shelstad Carmen Hill joined us in class this week to discuss content marketing and strategy. She is a Marketing Director for Connective DX so if anyone knows what they're talking about, it's her. She gave us some great food for thought. How important is content anyway?  Of content's importance she said "content is more than collateral—it’s a core business asset…read more

Q&A With Carmen Hill: Strategic Storyteller and Content Mixologist

By Sophie Lair Journalist, writer and marketer, Carmen Hill has decades of experience in content strategy. She believes that “content is more than collateral—it’s a core business asset that can attract new audiences, educate and nurture prospects, accelerate the sales cycle, and inspire customers to become loyal advocates.” Currently a Marketing Director at Connective DX in Portland, Oregon, Hill leads…read more

Censorhip, Bots and an Internet Troll Army, OH MY!

By: Sasha Martczyanov Last week, we had the pleasure of having Anna Kluyeva lead the lecture in our Strategic Social Media class. As students living in the United States, our social media experience is much different than young adults living in countries with high censorship of internet content, like Kluyeva’s home country Russia. Anna Kluyeva was generous enough to shed…read more
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Top 5 Ways to Use Twitter for Professional Networking

By: Aysia Kezerian While LinkedIn may be the first thing that comes to your mind when it comes to professional networking, Twitter can also be of great use when it comes to connecting directly with different companies and corporations. Here are 5 simple ways to maximize your use of Twitter to expand your professional network: Follow, follow, follow - Follow…read more
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Ethics in social media

By Andréa Harvey, Natalie Mangan and Kira Hoffelmeyer The main lesson I learned from our discussion on transparency was the value of being proactive rather than reactive. An issue that best exemplified this was dishonesty of relationships because it seems pretty straightforward at first — don't lie, obviously. But transparency isn't just about not lying — it's about telling the truth, which involves much more effort. Otherwise, it's easy…read more