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Celebrity Deaths as Told on Social Media Platforms

By: Katherine Corah Celebrity deaths as told on social media platforms have really transformed the way news gets conveyed to the public. Earlier this week, an unfortunate helicopter accident killed 9 passengers, 2 of them being Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gianna. On Sunday, January 26, the entire country seemed to come together to mourn the loss of one of…read more

Twitter Summary: January 15, 2020. Personal use, empathy, trolls, and the mob mentality.

The overall theme of the class session was personal use, empathy, trolls, and the mob mentality. Professor Kelli Matthews started the conversation by saying that these were easy topics to have conversations about because everyone has opinions about them. She was very astute in saying so, as the class period was filled with lively discussion.  The highlight of the class…read more

Twitter Summary: January 13, 2020. Social Media Theory: Diffusion, Relationship Management.

On Monday, January 13th we had our Twitter day for the J480/580 Strategic Social Media class. The topics discussed during class included the properties of networked publics, how they play into real life, the diffusion of innovation and its adoption profiles, and the Uses and Gratifications Theory.  Our tweets comprised of quick summaries of points made about those topics, relevant…read more

Influencer Domination

Influence - the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself.  A term that I’m sure we all consider familiar, within social media, rather “influencer” has transcended various platforms and popular culture. Kevin Roose of the New York Times speaks to the volumes that influence culture.  “When the first…read more

Twitter Summary: January 8, 2020. Social Media History & Theory.

Wednesday kicked off the first class in the strategic social media class of winter 2020. For the first class, there was (unsurprisingly) not a lot of engagement.  There were 19 total tweets relating to class discussion, this count is leaving out the introduction “Tweet a GIF with the hashtag #sojcssm” There were many tweets, but they did not pertain to…read more

On Instagram Straight Flexing?

Symone Sparrow: In the US, Facebook is still king in terms of social media platforms, but coming in at a close second is Instagram. Although owned by Facebook, Instagram functions very differently. Options to engage with content are limited to a couple of internal app functions (without assistance from other apps), likes and comments. It was announced last week that one…read more
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B2B Influencer Marketing: Is it worth it?

By Ariana Donaville Over the past few years, business-to-consumer (B2C) companies have relied on influencers to market their products to their targeted publics. While many B2C companies have seen great success from influencer marketing campaigns, business-to-business (B2B) companies have struggled to see the value in implementing influencer marketing strategies. They find themselves asking, “how useful is an influencer to a…read more
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Have You Analyzed Your Social Networks, Lately?

By Shelley Smith Network Literacy is becoming an increasingly needed skill in our highly connected age. NetSciEd released an infographic-type brochure that “provides and initial step toward facilitating the development of network literacy.”  This got me thinking about my own social network use, information silos and critical thinking. As a self-proclaimed “Social Justice Warrior” I have curated my social media…read more
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Strategic Social Media: How to Engage in Unexpected Ways

By Eva Pozarycki We wrapped up the term featuring Fatemeh Fakhraie (@digitalfatemeh) to give us insight into her social media work as a Digital Content Strategist at Northwest Community Credit Union. Many companies have found its own unique voice on social media, whether it's sassy like @Wendys or outlandish like @MoonPie, but it can be difficult to keep a professional…read more