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Twitter Summary 3/9/20: Content Creation & Content Calendars

By: Chad Orras, Amelia Whitford, Dani Gomez, Yujun Mei, & Anthony Ebel At the beginning of class today, two undergraduate students within the Journalism school came to speak briefly about a project they are currently working on. The team is headed to the Bateman Case Competition to represent the University of Oregon. In this project, they are focusing on promoting…read more
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Twitter Summary: 3/4/20 Social Media in the Middle East

On Wednesday of week 9, guest speaker Professor Damian Radcliffe from the University of Oregon came to talk to us about social media in the Middle East. He talked about some of the misconceptions of social media in the middle east, social media influencers, the various social media platforms used, the difficulties associated with the social media trend and some…read more
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Twitter Summary: 2/17/20 Social Selling

By Connor Nolan, Jillian Fraccola, Lizz Wells, Caitlin Wahlers, and Ben Feng In class on Monday of week seven, we had guest speaker Lauren Teague talk about effectively communicating your brand through the various social media platforms we use today.  Typically this is referred to as #socialselling, yet the term ‘selling’ doesn’t truly reflect how this type of communication works.…read more
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Twitter Summary: 2/12/20 Taking Your Social Media Temperature

By: Olivia Gabriel & Hayley Williamson In class on Wednesday of week six, we continued our conversation about social media audits and how to “take your social media temperature”. That all came down to how you measure engagement on different social media platforms. We were given a simple formula to measure engagement: Additionally, many platforms offer programs on their site…read more
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Twitter Management Group 2: March 14, 2019: Fatemeh Fakhraie

By: Siena Di Roma, Meghan Schroeder, Joie Ryan, Madison Seagraves, Austin Banks On Thursday, March 14th, our class had the privilege to listen to guest speaker, Fatemeh Fakhraie, a Digital Content Strategist at Northwest Community Credit Union. We were very excited to learn from her experiences with digital content strategists and apply them to our school work.…read more
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Twitter Management Group: March 14, 2019. Fatemeh Fakhraie & Google Analytics

By: Rui Sun, Jason Tseng, Yichi Zhang The class on Thursday continued the topic of Google Analytics, and our class was honored to have Fatemeh Fakhraie to introduce the Digital Content at Northwest Community Credit Union. Her speech was great, and she enthusiastically answered all the great questions from the students. And my team members, like other classmates, have learned…read more
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Twitter Summary for March 12, 2019: Google Analytics

By: Erin Joo, Ian Burleigh, Oleene Perera, Rob Emmett, and Tom Bridger Today’s class was focused on all things Google Analytics. Google Analytics can be a resourceful tool for understanding social media. After learning how to maximize the capabilities of Google Analytics, organizations will be able to capture important insights.  Kelli started the lecture by laying out the process in…read more
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Twitter Management Team: March 5, 2019. Donna Davis + Virtual Reality

By: Julianne Spencer, Nikki Heaston, Nuchwara Youngcharoen, Isabelle Shattuck, Eva Pozarycki, Dustin Valdez To gear up for our guest speaker Donna Davis’ lecture about Virtual Reality, our team began to research various tiers of Virtual Reality and its relevance to current events -- including financial projections for VR, its use in retail, sports, art, and more. Within the…read more
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Twitter Management Team: February 28, 2018. Smart Content Strategies

By: Sophia Ferrer, Amador Nazarov In class on Thursday, we discussed the different puzzle pieces needed to make up a smart content strategy. Putting together a detailed, strategy focused social media plan requires substantial planning to drive success. Kelli dove into the lecture by stressing how a company should devise their end goals before choosing social media platforms that they…read more
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Twitter Management Team: February 5, 2019

By: Hannah Blair, Casi Jackson, TJ McCourt, and Daymon Standridge Our group had a twitter discussion on the lecture of ethics in social media. Tuesday’s class discussion went over the importance of ethics when interacting on social media. We looked at a few different ways that people can be “sleazy” and we looked at various examples and case studies to…read more