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The Instagram Influence of Baby Boomers

by Maggie Elias (@maggiejelias) When thinking of social media audiences, Baby Boomers are often pushed to the periphery of consideration—if not excluded entirely—because of their perceived disinterest, reluctance, or general misunderstanding of social platforms and technology. Under these assumptions, in the Diffusion of Innovation scale, Boomers would by-and-large fall into the “late majority” or “laggards” categories for social media use.…read more
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Parental Monitoring vs. Spying

By Caitlin Wahlers I was recently speaking to a friend of mine who is the father of two teenagers. Initially, he was recounting a few tales of their most recent antics, but then the conversation turned towards internet safety and parental monitoring. As a former Health Educator for adolescents, I have observed in real-time the evolving relationship between teenagers and…read more
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Social Gaming for Introverts

by Gabby Sullivan Despite the stereotypical images of disheveled men and socially awkward teens gaming from their moms’ basements, video games have always had a social element to them, from old school LAN parties to extensive MMO guilds to “social network games” like Farmville. While the inherent social nature of video games may have gone unacknowledged in the past, that…read more
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Memes: Evolutionary Genetics and Centuries of Culture

by Drew Hanson All pervasive and ever-present, memes are a cornerstone of current popular culture. But how do these ideas take root and spread? Beginning with understanding the similarity between evolutionary genetics and memetic spread and the significance memes have played throughout history can help us appreciate the potential for meme virality.   @memecrashes Although most familiar in its graphic with…read more
Instagram stories for good?
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Instagram stories. Changing social media for good?

by Anna Campbell After taking the social media world by storm in 2018, Instagram stories have remained hot. More and more users are using Instagram stories, attracted by the story telling tool and its inclusion of tech previously banned by the app, including links, polling and cross-platform tools. There are now 500 million daily users of IG stories every day.…read more
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Is Social Media Dying?

Tess Jennings: Recently, I read a fascinating article from Metro UK that looked at whether social media sites were slowly dying. Initially, I found this a rather absurd thought. Social media has revolutionized the way we communicate--how could these channels be dying? However, the more I read, the more I wondered if this claim actually had merit. For instance, the…read more
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B2B Influencer Marketing: Is it worth it?

By Ariana Donaville Over the past few years, business-to-consumer (B2C) companies have relied on influencers to market their products to their targeted publics. While many B2C companies have seen great success from influencer marketing campaigns, business-to-business (B2B) companies have struggled to see the value in implementing influencer marketing strategies. They find themselves asking, “how useful is an influencer to a…read more
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Have You Analyzed Your Social Networks, Lately?

By Shelley Smith Network Literacy is becoming an increasingly needed skill in our highly connected age. NetSciEd released an infographic-type brochure that “provides and initial step toward facilitating the development of network literacy.”  This got me thinking about my own social network use, information silos and critical thinking. As a self-proclaimed “Social Justice Warrior” I have curated my social media…read more