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Has Social Media Prompted Civic Engagement or Emphasized the “Spiral of Silence?”

By: Jessica Murray Everyone has an opinion.  Everyone has a stake in some political stance or another, everyone feels passionate about some social happenings and apathetic about others.  This has been the case since people gathered around ancient Greek philosophers, since the idea of democracy dawned on civilizations and since the discovery of newspapers.  Now, we see these passions and…read more
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What Came First… Kylie Jenner or “The Egg?”: Twitter Summary for January 15, 2019

By: Jillian Niedermeyer and Jessica Murray Tuesday’s class focused on the principles of uses and gratifications and other theories surrounding social media. Professor Kelli Matthews (@kmatthews) led a discussion about “diffusion of innovation,” important dynamics in modern social media, and properties of networked publics, among other key topics. The class discussed a wide array of examples to explain these theoretical…read more
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By Jessica Baker Memes. They’re everywhere on social media – some people communicate almost solely through them (I’m not pointing fingers but the amount of memes I get from my spouse on a daily basis is… excessive). In this paper examining memes through semiotics, the author examines the impact of “symbol” on our understanding of “meaning.” They then explore several…read more
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Personas Personalized

By: Kelly Thackery Today's blog post features a strategic social media podcast on how to create effective marketing personas in the B2C marketing space. Highlights of this podcast include a brief introduction to esteemed author and B2B marketing professional Amber Naslund as well as some awesome B2C tips, tricks and tools from University of Oregon's own Doug Wilson. Podcast link:…read more
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Oh, the Humanity

Taylin Minnaert A luxury I get from writing this post at the end of the term is the curriculum knowledge from our past 10 weeks of class. I have been reflecting on this winter term and the various skills we learned in #sojcssm throughout it. For one, I think I am physically incapable of writing "sojcssm" without placing a hashtag…read more
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Constructing Your Persona

By: Lola Butcher Constructing Your Persona Photo: Lola Butcher When it comes to personas the possibilities are endless. Building a persona, or multiple in this case, to epitomize your business is a key component to humanizing your brand and making it more relatable in order to represent your audience. In order to make an effective persona, the following elements are…read more