August 11, 2022

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson: PR Stunt or True Love? 

By Bryn Crisfield 

We live in a world where Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are dating. These past few years have been nothing but an unexpected mess of nonsense, but this? This is a duo no one could have predicted. Dating rumors spread faster than a wildfire after Kim and Pete were spotted holding hands at Disneyland in October of last year. This cuddled up pairing shocked the world and had everyone asking, is this a PR stunt or true love? 

We all know the Kardashians are professionals when it comes to publicity stunts and staying relevant in the limelight. So, it is no coincidence that the Kardashians new Hulu Show, “The Kardashians’ ‘, premiered just a few short months after in April. What better way to promote your reality TV show than giving people the randomest couple ever right after a horrendously public divorce. To add, some have even speculated that the few paparazzi photos fans do have of the suspected couple seem to be frauded. One TikTok user, @cami.twomeyy, posted a video showing that a cute photo of the new couple holding hands while shopping together seemed to have been planned. A video of this moment was shared and you can see the couple holding hands for about two seconds, leading fans to think they wanted one cute picture and nothing else. Not to mention, this is a genius way to change the topic from some current Kardashian/Jenner scandals including Kim’s comment on women slacking in the work force and Travis Scott’s AstroWorld tragedy. Twitter quickly caught onto this and shared their opinions. 

However, some fans are looking past all of this and see true love between the two. Having the inside scoop of what a date between these two looks like is something everyone is dying to see. However, TMZ reported that Kim has had no cameras around when she and Pete are together. For someone who films just about every part of her life, this only makes their relationship seem all the more real. While this relationship seems very coincidental, it is obvious in the small amount of evidence we do have that Kim and Pete do actually enjoy being with each other. An anonymous source told E! News, “Kim loves that they just laugh the entire time they are together and she is really enjoying hanging out with him.” and, “They have mutual friends in common, so they will probably hang out again, but everything is casual.”. The pairing is unlikely but you know what they say, opposites attract.

After dealing with a tragic divorce with the father of all 4 of her children, Kim deserves a bit of fun. Whether this is true love or not, they seem to genuinely enjoy eachothers company. Time can only tell where this relationship will go but for now let’s all just admire their insanely adorable Instagram posts together. (And let’s see how many tattoos Pete gets for her.)

8 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson: PR Stunt or True Love? 

  1. Great blog post! I enjoyed reading your take on the Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson drama. I would have to say that I believe the relationship is real. It seems to be true because it is such a random pairing, and no cameras are allowed most of the time. Dating in the public eye can be challenging, I’m sure, but I want nothing for the best with these two.

  2. I loved this post! I definitely had doubts about this relationship at first as well. The paparazzi photos at the intitial months of their relationship seemed staged and insincere at first but now I believe the two are an actual romantic couple. Not only has he branded himself with a Kim tattoo, but Kanye West has been publicly manic about the two with hate comments and threats which I do not think she would have planned in a publicity stunt. I am curious to see how the remainder of their relationship unfolds. Also I am mind blown that Pete Davidson got a tattoo for Kim and Kanye West’s four children after dating for less than a year. Anyone else find that weird? Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great post! I totally thought that Kim and Pete were a publicity stunt. I wouldn’t put it past the Kardasians to pull a stunt for this long either. They seem to always come in with breaking news as soon as they have a scandal (like the terrible incident at Astroworld). I love how you said that Kim deserves a bit of fun. I agree, she has been through a lot in the media this year and if she’s happy, let her be happy.

  4. I think that only time will tell wether these two stay together. It still seems that the two are so completely different. When I first heard about them I definitely thought it was just to draw attention and event to boost Pete’s own career. Now i’m not sure what to think as the who controversy with Kanye has rolled out and the rest of the family seems to be in their own crazy boats. I don’t think the drama will ever end with the family though. I expect more is to come.

  5. I found this article very interesting because I didn’t believe this couple at first until I saw them interact together at the Met. However, that being said these two are no strangers on how to act in the spotlight so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was an act. I don’t see them getting married any time soon, but I do think this is a fun romance. The Kardashians will never have a dull moment in their lives and constantly live on our screens. Their legacy will keep going with all their children as well. I did think the Kim and Pete relationship was a stunt, but now after all the Kanye drama, I think Kim likes having someone who is light and fun and they do really care about each other. I mean he BRANDED her name in his chest; that has to count for something.

  6. The Kardashians have mastered staying relevant in the media through well-thought out PR stunts. While Kim and Pete’s relationship may be real, it is certainly processed. They present themselves as a couple to the public in a calculated manner. Their relationship is symbiotic. Pete has a history of dating ‘it girls’ who keep him relevant in the media. After Kim’s public divorce to Kanye, dating someone so different and current, keeps her relevant to a younger generation. The Kardashians thrive off of controversy, and they do so successfully.

  7. I totally understand your apprehension with this couple. I was surprised at first, too, but now I’m starting to think they are an authentic couple. Although I think with all celebrity couples, I never fully accept they aren’t a pr stunt until they’ve been dating for a couple of years. Overall, great blog post!

  8. Hi!
    I think that it’s really creative you chose this topic. I think that it’s extremely controversial right now. I am not sure that we will ever actually know the truth because the Kardashian PR team is prepared for everything. I am lowkey rooting for it to be real love though. I don’t think that it should or will last forever but it’s fun for them both right now.

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