January 28, 2023

How the show Euphoria has influenced fashion

By Kailey Krueger

In December, the hit HBO show Euphoria returned for season 2. This series portrays high school teens along with all of the violence and drug use in their lives.  Even though the show is known to be pretty dark, the fashion is unbeatable. Each character has a signature style and makeup look to match their persona. There has been a lot of talk about the show online, along with the makeup and fashion it initials. In an article about Euphoria fashion, Heidi Bivens the costume designer, talks about how she decided to choose outfits for the different characters and how they chose specific items to match their personalities.

The directors do an amazing job creating a sense of normalcy for the viewers which causes so many people to relate to it. The Clothing designers purposely used vintage clothes to make it look like the characters actually built up their closets instead of styling them in name brands and designers. Fans took these new outfits and makeup designs to social media and this trend has sparked a new age in the fashion and beauty industry. The characters are known to wear bright colors, glitter and rhinestones. These trends even carried into Coachella fashion this year with a lot of influencers and celebrities. It became popular to dress up as characters for halloween or different events and themed parties.  Fans also started to record themselves with flashy outfits and they acted as if they were on their way to class at Euphoria High School. This became one of the largest TikTok trends prior to the new season of the show.

Many people chose to take part in these trends to recreate Euphoria outfits and makeup which created a huge desire to watch the show. Even if someone had not seen Euphoria, they still know what the clothes and the makeup resemble. The designers made sure to make the outfits stand out in a way they would be remembered. In an article, the director explains how they chose to use high street and mid range brands as well as alternative fashion labels so they are easily accessed. Bivins the director mentioned “What’s interesting, is that every single item that we see on the show can be found online, and almost all of it has already completely sold out.” This is a great way to get hype and interest over a show because now everyone wants to take part in this new fashion wave.


7 thoughts on “How the show Euphoria has influenced fashion

  1. Hi Nolee,

    As a fellow Euphoria lover, I love that you wrote about the infamous impact Euphoria has had on societies fashion. I am a Maddie stan and I think that costume designer, Heidi Bivens, did an amazing job bringing these looks to everybody’s day-to-life or when one wants to feel cute and dress up. I agree that this is a new fashion wave and I’m here for it!

  2. Hi Kailey, I totally agree with all of the points you made about Euphoria! It is just a culturally impactful show and it not only shows the nuance of high school life but also does so in a very strategic way. Each character has an entire persona that is emulated through their fashion and makeup, which then lead the audience to desire similar style and looks.

  3. Awesome article! Euphoria has definitely made a huge impact on fashion and trends. I think this is a great example of how much young women determine what is popular. Exciting makeup and flashy outfits have become cool because of Euphoria fans want to replicate looks from the show.

  4. Hi!
    I love this topic. I took was heavily influenced by the show’s euphoria in more ways than fashion. Euphoria is one of the greatest shows of all time. I love the show so much because of the many good qualities it has. There are so many subgroups of people that can relate to Euphoria for a variety of different reasons. I personally cant rock the Euphoria look but I can definitely admire it, especially the more it becomes popular.

  5. Hello Kailey, I have to admit that I binged that show so much. I loved the fashion, it truly was a game changer. It’s true what you said about the designers really put all the outfits on theme. The colors and everything made the show so enjoyable to watch, especially season one. It’s funny because after Euphoria got popular, I saw so many people wearing those pants that you posted on your blog post. That is something that I love so much about fashion, it is consistently changing and evolving into influences on society such as popular shows. -Leah Friedman

  6. Hey Kailey,
    Great article talking about Euphoria’s impact on fashion over the past couple of years. I agree with all the points that you make and I also feel that show made people want to use more colors and glitters. I also noticed that during the second season, many of the Euphoria designers were so specific on what different nails and makeup to put for every character.

  7. Hi Kailey! I enjoyed reading your blog post. Euphoria has definitely shaped how fashion has been over the past year, and how it will continue to be for years to come. Many influencers, concert-goers, and partiers go all out with their makeup by adding glitter, jewels, and bright eyeliners. There are even Euphoria themed parties now, allowing people to go even more wild with their makeup and fashion choices. The Euphoria makeup artist, Doniella Davy, just announced her new company, Half Magic, that will sell eye, lip, and face makeup inspired by Euphoria. I think this is a great business opportunity for her and the reviews are already great.

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