June 9, 2023

Cancel Culture: Necessary or Unnecessary?

By Sydney Brown

Custom Image by Sydney Brown

Cancel Culture, commonly known as being “canceled”. This well-known phenomenon has been said to ruin influencers and celebrities’ image, as well as taking a toll on their mental health. It now begs the question, is it necessary? Big names like Chrissy Teigen and James Charles are a few of the many celebrities that have been “canceled” for their actions that society sees as unacceptable. Within this mini-podcast, I will be talking about cancel culture and the question up for debate.

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All links to the references I made are linked to the celebrity names. Thank you for listening!

One thought on “Cancel Culture: Necessary or Unnecessary?

  1. I totally get what you’re saying! I think with celebrities it’s often hard for there to be tangible consequences because these people still maintain their fame-filled lives. Of course, we all can make bad decisions, but people with significant platforms also have a responsibility to their audiences to have integrity and be role models. Cancel culture itself is particularly interesting because celebrities can just make an “apology video” and move on without making real changes in themselves or their behavior.

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