July 3, 2022

Media that Makes for Brighter Days

By Hollyn Hilton

No matter our interests and identities, we should all consume media that betters us instead of dragging us down. I’ve included one social media influencer and two podcasts that have stood out from the rest in their positive impact. 

Matilda Djerf -I’ve been following Djerf on Instagram for about two years. I have found that her advocacy for self-love and willingness to share personal struggles has helped me in my own life. Her openness about the ectopic pregnancy she suffered last summer, as well as proudly showing the scars on her stomach, taught her followers that it’s okay not always to be okay and to look at scars as physical expressions of all you’ve overcome, rather than imperfections. Additionally, the “For you” story highlights on Djerf’s page are a great thing to look at when you feel down. She shares positive affirmations that encourage changing the human tendency to have a negative inner voice. In these highlights, she also advocates for putting your mental and physical health first and surrounding yourself with people who make you feel good in real life and social media.

SmartLess – Another way to make your media consumption positive is to find things that make you genuinely laugh. Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes boost my mood with their hilarious banter in their new podcast, SmartLess. The show consists of one host surprising the other two with the public figure they will be interviewing that week, including anyone from other actors to our very own Vice President Kamala Harris. The episodes are a good balance of covering mentally stimulating topics but remaining humorous through the hosts’ priceless back and forth roasts of each other. Listening to a funny podcast can transform mundane tasks like cleaning, walking somewhere or getting ready into a comedic experience. 

Call Her Daddy – If you haven’t heard this famous podcast hosted by Alex Cooper, you may have been living under a rock. Since its start in 2018, Call her Daddy has transformed into a valuable tool for navigating the complex feelings of dating and relationships. In episode 120, Cooper and psychologist Orna Guralnik break down the interpersonal dynamics of relationships, and I’ve never learned so much in an hour and a half. Cooper also frequently gives advice that has helped me not embarrass myself on numerous occasions. In episode 87, she offers women everywhere a harsh but crucial truth, “If you are still wondering if this man likes you, if you should continue to make an effort, then you have your answer,” meaning if you have to question it, he doesn’t like you. Alex is the honest friend we all need. 

I included someone positive from Instagram because I think that platform is especially prone to unhealthy triggers and toxic behaviors like comparison and self-doubt. Additionally, podcasts are beneficial because of their calming nature and the ability to be listened to while walking, cleaning, or in other more productive settings than YouTube or TikTok. When curating media that contributes to being your best self, look for people who spread a positive outlook to others, people who make you laugh, and people who have your back with helpful advice.

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4 thoughts on “Media that Makes for Brighter Days

  1. I enjoyed this post a lot. Matilda is also someone I have been following for a while and it was interesting to watch her journey. She is definitely someone who promotes body positivity and understands the importance of mental health.

  2. I have been listening to Smartless for close to a year now and they have made almost every long car ride into a comedic experience. I love listening to podcasts and find people to be quite inspiring so I appreciate these thoughtful recommendations. The media which you choose to consume definitely is an important thing in which to consider so I try and make sure that I’m learning from the media in which I choose to consume.

  3. I loved this post!! I have also been following Matilda for awhile and it has been very interesting to watch her on her journey. I try to follow as many people I can who promote body positivity. It is so important, especially on social media.

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