October 19, 2021

Positivity on Social Media

By: Sonrisa Bordieri

Social media has become a very tricky subject. It has formed into something that can be very toxic, but even with all of those negatives, there are some positives . Even with all the There are some positive brands, influencers and campaigns that many people look up to and can also feel connected to. There are so many things on social media that are harmful to our emotional, physical and mental health, but social media can be great if we use it in the right ways. Tik Tok has created a huge incline of influencers and some of them have become people I look up to. I am going to share my top 3 favorite influencers and campaigns that show the positives of social media.



Tinx is a new influencer that just recently grew during the pandemic, she is know for her rich mom starter packs and her love of spicy margs and ford broncos. But there is a deeper side to her that really connects her with the audience. She is completely transparent. Many people ask for advice and she is willing to share personal stories so people do not feel like they are in it alone. She has this quote that she says all the time, “Comparison is the thief of joy” and she just reminds people to be themselves. She posts mini vlogs where she updates people of her love life, her family life and even her friends. She recently just hit 1 million follows and you can tell how grateful  she is to have the support she does and she makes you feel like we are all in it together.

Remi Bader

Remi is also an influencer that took off during the pandemic and she is known for her realistic try on hauls. She is a plus size model and she buys clothing from a bunch of different brands and shows what if actually looks like. This is super refreshing because sometimes if could be disheartening when you order something online and it looks actually terrible on and she shows that everyones bodies are different and that is okay. She makes people feel comfortable in their own skin and make sure that everyone knows that their body is beautiful just the way it is. 

Dove Real Beauty Pledge 

 The Dove Real Beauty Pledge emphasizes no digital distortions and it is all real women. This company has done something to make women feel confident with their bodies. This campaign also help builds up that confidence and self esteem because it educates people on how to have a healthy and positive relationship with their body.

These three examples really display how social media can be used in a positive manner. Sometimes going on social media can be hard because it only highlights what people want the public to see, so it is a nice refresher to have people and campaigns like these that show all sides. 

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14 thoughts on “Positivity on Social Media

  1. Hi Sonrisa,
    I love the topic you chose to do your blog on! With so much toxicity and negativity on social media these days, it is nice to be reminded that there are accounts that are real, transparent, and relatable. TINX comes up on my FYP fairly often and I feel as if whenever she does she is always simply talking to the camera like she would a friend and puts off a very authentic vibe.

  2. Hi Sonrisa,
    I really enjoyed reading your post and found it very relatable. The toxicity and unattainable standards set by social media are terrible for the mental health of society. I find it very refreshing and invigorating when I see genuine posts about people being real and not putting on for clicks or views. I do think TikTok is a significant contributor to the negative attitudes on social media because it has added an “elitist” aspect to everyday people becoming “TikTok famous” from viral posts that is creating these entitled, toxic people who think they’re above others because they have more followers or views.

  3. This is an awesome article Sonrisa! I think social media has turned into a very strategic and scary thing in society. People have to think, analyze, wait, edit, and more before they post. It’s all about appearances and nothing seems to be real. Reading this article put a smile on my face and made me want to go look at all the funny memes I have saved on my social media account!

  4. This is a great article! I think social media is so stressful and it is so important to be authentic. Positivity is so important because it encourages others to be their authentic unique self. Especially Remi, I love her realistic hauls!

  5. Sonrisa,
    I found the topic you chose very relatable and loved reading your post! It’s so refreshing to find social media accounts that are run by people who are authentic and up lifting. Thank you for pointing out these accounts! I’ll definitely check out their platforms more.

  6. Hi Sonrisa!
    I absolutely loved reading your article. Sometimes I find the need to take a step back and just be grateful for some of the funny and positive entertainment that I consume through social media. It is really hard to get caught up in how toxic social media can be in our lives, but then why do we all still consume it? Sometimes it is because of content creators like the ones you have mentioned that bring humor and light to our day!

  7. Hi Sonrisa!
    I love the examples you used. I liked how you displayed the positives impacts that social media can have. I enjoyed reading your thoughts.

  8. Sonrisa,
    I really appreciate the approach you took in this piece. It is super valuable to look at situations/platforms/movements/etc., from different vantage points because not everything is always black and white — there is always some gray area. I agree, there is an aura of negativity surrounding social media but if it was all bad then there would not be billions of users plugged in everyday. I too love the influencers that you choose to include. It’s so refreshing and relatable to see real human begins gaining traction on the social media space because it brings back the REAL amidst all the superficialness.

  9. Hi Sonrisa! Your blog post was fun to read since it highlighted some of the reasons why individuals choose to utilize social media. Creating a body positive and real life advice can be extremely beneficial and help to put some of the problems you may be suffering with into perspective.

  10. Hi Sonrisa! It was so nice to read a blog post that highlights some good things about social media. I agree that a lot of the conversations around the topic rely on negative aspects, so it was refreshing to read about something fun and uplifting. I also follow Remi Bader on TikTok and she is so funny! I love that she can be so relatable and remain honest in her clothing reviews.

  11. Hi Sonrisa! Thank you so much for writing on positivity in social media (like other commenters, it’s definitely a refreshing take and something we need more of in our daily news). So cool to see how Tik Tok users are using their platform for good and are inspiring others.

  12. Thank you for writing this article Sonrisa! I agree, with all the toxicity that social media can create through the careful and strategic approaches it’s nice to see the good. If I can add another positive influencer to the list: @showlover99. She is basically the Dolly Parton of TikTok and makes me smiles every time she calls her followers her “little nuggets.”

  13. Hello Sonrisa,

    Regarding the positives of social media, I think you are right, there’s always some good and there is little good in focusing on the bad. I have friends who forego social media all together, but I think that might be an easy way out. You can use it as a tool to connect with people, find positive influences, like the ones you mentioned, that aren’t just trying to sell you a product but promote positive outlooks.

  14. Hi Sonrisa,
    Love your post, it is important to remember the positive aspects of social media. I love Remi’s try on hauls and am a fan of other influencer that promote positivity on social media. Especially the ones that show what is fake and what is real. Other ways social media is a great tool is that it can be used to connect you to new people.

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