November 29, 2022

The Importance of Email Marketing

By: Amelia Whitford

In today’s time, social media platforms have become such a fast moving market for businesses. Platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and more have been a popular tool for companies to use when trying to promote or sell a product to clients. Many companies heavily rely on these platforms to gain engagement from viewers. Social media marketing is an effective way for companies to gain customers, but it isn’t the only one.

Email Marketing has been around far more longer than social media marketing, but with the continuous growth and popularity among social media marketing, PR companies are beginning to mainly focus on their social media platforms for engagement from viewers.

Email marketing is an effective way to gain engagement and followers just as much as social media marketing is. Both can help a company grow and get more clients, which is why it’s critical to verify the leads you have. If you have any problems, use an advanced search tool like RocketReach to double-check the information and then proceed. Emailing is used by millions of people, but PR firms tend to focus more on social media marketing rather than email marketing due to the massive use of social media in our society. Yet, there are 3x more email accounts than Facebook and Twitter combined. This is probably why many successful companies hire email marketing services to market their products. However, these services are available in plenty, so pick top services like the ones mentioned in Many companies also consider automated email marketing services that can quickly create personalized emails without needing professional assistance.

Email is an essential mode of communication for all digital marketers. Primarily because every step of your email campaign can be easily measured. The most well-known steps in every campaign are delivery rates, open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. Unfortunately, there are other metrics as well that need to be considered, such as email address verification. If interested, you can use email verification tools like mailfloss or others, to not only scan invalid email addresses and remove them every day, increasing your email deliverability and getting more of your emails into the priority inbox, but also to fix email address typos and automatically sync them with your bulk email service provider.

According to the Email Statistics Report led by the Radicati Group, the number of emails sent out and received by businesses and consumers is expected to exceed 347 billion by the end of 2023.

Even though social media marketing has become such a fast moving market in our world for PR, emailing is also continuing to grow at a rapid pace. Plus, with integrations available for software like Marketo ( to help pull data from your data warehouse and make sure it is updated at all times so that your communications will reach their intended recipient.

Email marketing is still an effective way to send advertisements, solicit sales, and request business from clients, yet some people forget that and only focus on other marketing strategies.

One tool that can help make the process a bit easier when creating an email marketing campaign is Constant Contract, which is an online marketing company that helps small businesses grow across multiple platforms.

Now, what are some effective ways in approaching an email marketing campaign?

  • Personalize your message to the client.
  • Know your audience.
  • Be concise and straight-forward in your email.
  • Be aware the time and day you send out an email.

One of the best times to send an email is either between 8:00 PM and midnight or around 10:00 AM. One of the best days are Thursday and Sunday.

These are just a few tools to keep in mind when you are trying to send out an effective email. Personalizing your content can help increase the engagement in your business. Providing useful information to customers and finding ways for your business to stand out in their email marketing will help prevent emails from being ignored. Email Marketing is an important part in getting more engagement for their business increasing revenue for your business

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9 thoughts on “The Importance of Email Marketing

  1. Hi Amelia!
    I like that you are trying to look into something other than social media and I like that you have put tips and tricks at the end for email marketing. However, I would like to see the stats on email marketing actually being effective. Just because there’s more emails out there, doesn’t mean people are actually looking at the messages being sent to them.
    For example, I have four emails (three of which I actually check.) I have one email specifically for when brands ask for an email to send me promos. I don’t want promos to crowd my inbox.

  2. Hi Amelia! This was a very thoughtful and engaging post. I had never really considered the impact that email marketing could have on a brand. I think it would be incredibly interesting to learn about a brand that relies entirely on email marketing. There has to be at least one brand out there, right? Additionally, I think it would be interesting to learn about what demographic of consumers are more susceptible to email marketing campaigns. I’m guessing it would probably be Baby Boomers and older generations.

  3. I really liked this post! Email marketing is something we don’t really talk about that much considering there is such a big focus around social media. Everyday, I get emails from companies I previously interacted with or purchased from and I never really think about it. It is, however, a great strategy to reach those who do not use social media as often. In addition, it can be easy for brand’s campaigns to get lost in people’s feed with different algorithms on social media platforms.

  4. Hi Amelia, I really liked your post. I have found personally that a lot of companies now make you input your email on their website in order to complete online orders. This is to send confirmation of the shipping, but also to send you more emails about promotional deals and events. I think email marketing is interesting because a lot of people either stay on top of their email and delete unnecessary messages every day or they let them grow continuously until their mailbox is 100,000 emails deep. I think this is an added obstacle or benefit to email marketing depending on the person receiving the emails. Great post!

  5. Great post, Amelia.
    It resonated with me because just the other day I used Constant Contact at one job, EMMA at my other job and MailChimp for the board I am on. In ONE day. Email marketing can be really powerful when done right. I like these platforms because you can segment contacts into groups/ lists. This is great because you don’t always want the same messaging for every group you contact. It allows you to be more authentic and respond to the wants and needs of guests.

  6. Hi Amelia,

    For years, companies want you to insert an email address when you are completing an online order. Before, it was thought to just be sent a confirmation that your order was received but it was actually for the company to send future promotions to their customers without having to ask for an email in any other form of communication. There are people these days who think email marketing is dead but it is going to be sticking around for years to come.

  7. Hi Amelia!

    I really enjoyed reading this blog post. You raised some great points about the importance of email marketing. I agree that even though social media marketing has become increasingly popular, brands should still put time and energy into their email marketing. Like you said, there are a lot more email accounts than social media accounts. And I know that personally, I subscribe to several different brands on email and am much more likely to buy something based on an email promotion/offer than I am to buy something from social media. I think that email can be very effective if companies strive to do a good job with it instead of treating it like an afterthought. I think that it is especially important for them to personalize the message to their client, as well as make the email as straightforward and succinct as possible. Thanks again!


  8. I agree that email marketing is a good way to go about it. During this term, one of my goals was to be able to explain and set up some donor outreach for a client. We recommended an email campaign as well as mailed out letters to solicit action among their audience even though they seemed very focused on social media. We believe that email and mail was an overlooked avenue for them to explore as well.

  9. I don’t think email marketing is dead, but I think it’s funny how at first people used email updates to stand out. Now, most brand emails go straight to my spam folder. If they show up in my inbox, there are so many I almost never look and just delete it all. However, I always check the mail I get and don’t immediately throw it out! It seems like direct mail, which used to saturate a sector of marketing, has traded places with email marketing, which is cluttered.

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