Influencers are EVERYWHERE!

By Hannah Miller

As social media platforms continue to grow in 2020, influencer marketing will keep on evolving. Influencers have become a fundamental marketing strategy for many brands, and will continue to help brands in connect with their public in relatable ways. In 2020, just being famous will not be enough for brands. Brands desire influencers that will have an effective influence on their audience, and who are connected to their brand’s specific niche. Ultimately this will lead to an engaged pool of consumers. 

I follow influencers that focus mainly on lifestyle, health, fitness, food and travel. I have gained their trust and believe they are honest about the products they share with followers like me. Brands have utilized influencers on traditional social media platforms for a while now. However, I’ve noticed that more recently they have also been utilized to promote products on up-and-coming platforms like Apple Podcast, YouTube and TikTok.

As TikTok continues to grow in popularity, there will be more opportunities for influencer marketing on the platform. Monthly downloads of TikTok have exceeded Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat. Brands have recognized this, and are reaching out to influencers who can have a valuable impact on their niche audience on TikTok. 

Smaller influencers who can be easily found on TikTok, can help support brands in reaching specific consumers of their niche market. Many people are highly influenced by micro-influencers, and have gained trust in TikTok influencers with a smaller following. 

If you find yourself following influencers regularly, you have nothing to worry about, they aren’t going anywhere. Influencer marketing is a tool for brands that you will begin to see everywhere. It will be interesting to see this type of technique evolve with many platforms we access each day. 

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  1. Jamie Dunn says:

    I, too, have discovered that the influencer market has moved to Tik Tok. I recently joined Tik Tok and I have found on my FYP that many influencers I follow and recognize on Instagram have found their way to another app on my phone. Since Tik Tok is a different platform than Twitter or Instagram, the influencers have to get creative when promoting something on this particular app. They can creatively incorporate the product in their video or talk about while they are filming themselves using it, just like vlogging or something they would post on their Instagram story. -Jamie Dun

  2. Katie Zurbrick says:

    I remember Kendall Jenner doing a Proactiv feature on her Instagram a while back, raving about how Proactiv cured her problem skin, and when she went to show herself applying the product — she had no idea how to open it… Even though she was promoting it, it was pretty evident that she did not actually use this product.

    Your comment about how you believe the influencers you follow are honest and transparent about the products they feature / how you trust their recommendations got me thinking. With platforms such as Instagram cracking down on influencer transparency, requiring posts to mention #ad or something highlighting that “this is a paid partnership with X brand,” does that affect your level of trust in the influencer? Does the fact that they’re very obviously being paid to promote these products make their “opinion” of them lest credible?

  3. Molly Kavanaugh says:

    This is a very interesting point! I think that many Influencers have already, and will begin to, become extremely popular from Tik Tok. In the past, many Influencers gained popularity from using Vine to become famous, and then moved on to a bigger platform such as Youtube. My question is whether or not Tik Tok will be a start up platform for Influencers like Vine was?

  4. Cassidy Stevens says:

    Hi Hannah. I definitely agree that influencer marketing isn’t going anywhere for a while. It’ll be interesting to see how it changes with the changing social media platforms such as TikTok becoming more popular. I honestly prefer hearing about brands or products from influencers than celebrities or brands themselves because it feels more genuine. Hearing from a real person feels more authentic and like I can trust them more. I agree that companies should take advantage of this new influencer market if they have the means and resources.

  5. Abigail Portwood says:

    I think it is so interesting that TikTok now has so many influencers and sponsors getting paid to post. What surprises me is how young the audience and posters on TikTok are. There are so many young teenagers who have become very famous on TikTok and therefore other platforms as well. I never expected TikTok to gain as much popularity as it has, but it makes sense since it is a very versatile platform where you can post pretty much whatever you want. I wonder if TikTok has already reached its peak or if it is still on the incline in terms of downloads and number of members active on the site.

  6. Ofuma Eze-Echesi says:

    It will be interesting to see how these new platforms evolve. However, I have noticed that posts from newer platforms like TikTok get circulated on Instagram and Twitter a lot. This keeps people from joining TikTok since they have easy access to its content. I wonder if these social media platforms will put measures in place to stop their content from circulating because the circulation prevents people from joining their platforms and potentially hinders revenue generation.

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