For The Love of Dogs

Written by: Lauren Cheever

Every year on Valentine’s Day, singles are plagued by reminders of their relationship status. Advertisements and social media posts are rampant with happy couples and messages of love, leading to a lot of people feeling left our and lonely. This Valentine’s Day, you can see advertisements that cater to experiences and emotions of those who are spending the holiday at home and on the couch instead of with a lover.

During the airing of the Celebrity All-Star Game, I saw an advertisement that was run by Coors that is part of their campaign promoting the sale of Coors light. The commercial shows a young millennial woman taking a seat on her couch next to a large dog and cracking open a can of Coors Light while settling in to watch TV. The commercial references “cuffing season” and the depression that some singles experience during this time with their slogan that Coors is “the official beer for skipping cuffing season”.

Coors has chosen to use the millennial attitude that sees Valentine’s day as cheesy or corny to their advantage to flip the message promoting romantic love to one that promotes the loving companionship of a pet. This is the reality for a lot of millennials that feel the stresses of finding a relationship when seeing happy couples posted all over their feeds during the winter months (A.K.A. cuffing season).

Another aspect of this campaign is Coors’ pledge that they will pay the fees for 1000 dog adoptions between February 4 and February 21st this year (2020). This is in an effort to promote dog adoption rates from shelters across the country. Coors has clearly targeted the younger millennial audience with this campaign, using their love of dogs to motivate and call them to action to buy their brand of beer while painting their brand in a positive light by supporting this cause.

Coors’ Instagram page chose to include photos taken by real Coors customers that they took their dogs posing alongside the beer. All of their posts include the hashtag #madetochill to gain further reach when trying to get Millennials on Instagram to see their posts. This is also a way for Coors to find good content to post on their own instagram account.

By taking advantage of the interactiveness between their brand and audience through Instagram, Coors has created a campaign that has both effective messaging and dissemination. Their use of the hashtag feature on Instagram allows people to see the positive effect their campaign is having because those who have adopted a dog following the campaign are posting where the rest of the world can see.



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  1. Trevor Shott says:

    As a dog lover, I’d like to thank you for bringing this campaign to my attention! I think it’s a very creative way to turn a holiday that many people feel lonely on to one that anyone can celebrate. Like you mentioned, Coors did a great job of tapping into the millennial market by making valentines day less about human companionship and more about something that everyone enjoys – dogs. By encouraging other people to post pictures of their product and their dogs it helps to spread their message and gives them lots of content to then use on their own channels. The other thing I really like about this campaign is the fact that they went one step further than just selling their product and are going to cover the adoption fees for 1,000 dogs throughout February. Also, I used to have a Cavalier King Charles as a pet when I was younger and they are just the most adorable things in the world.

  2. Miranda Menard says:

    I think that Coors campaign idea is genius. Not only because it is promoting acceptance of singles, but because it is doing it in an way that is not obnoxious (like many companies are doing). They are incorporating an interactive hashtag which creates conversation between people and generates discussion about their brand. In general, this campaign is positive (hello, cute dogs!!) and clever marketing to their target customer. Because of that, this is successful.

  3. Molly Kavanaugh says:

    This campaign by Coors contains very good marketing strategies by targeting singles rather than targeting couples. By straying away from the typical couple centered marketing techniques of valentines day, Coors will get a more wide-spread audience. I really like the idea behind this campaign because not only does it promote good values, but it also promotes people to take action in something important by encouraging people to adopt dogs from shelters. By focusing in on self-love and not honing on the negativity that often surrounds valentines campaigns, Coors uses created a very successful campaign.

  4. Klaire Olson says:

    I love this campaign, I have never seen it before but I will now start following their hashtag. I think dog adoption rates are a big problem with puppy mills gaining popularity. I think Coors did a good job showcasing something that is not exactly on-brand but well timed with Valentine’s day to support a good cause, their brand, and something all people love, dogs! I think a lot of brands try to blend in and bash on the corniness of Valentine day without counteracting the negativity, but this was a great marketing strategy and I am excited to see the dogs people adopt.

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