October 7, 2022

Twitter Summary: January 8, 2020. Social Media History & Theory.

Wednesday kicked off the first class in the strategic social media class of winter 2020. For the first class, there was (unsurprisingly) not a lot of engagement. 

There were 19 total tweets relating to class discussion, this count is leaving out the introduction “Tweet a GIF with the hashtag #sojcssm” There were many tweets, but they did not pertain to the topic of the class nor did they generate any further conversation, so we chose to exclude them. 

It’s most likely that many people were unsure of how they were supposed to reply and in what ways would help the class discussion since it was the first class. Another explanation for the lack of engagement could also be due to the class’ topic, history of social media, so they chose to just listen rather than to be monitoring Twitter at the same time. 

The most popular Tweets of the day:

These tweets were related to our discussions in class and saw the most amount of likes. The first being on our brief conversation about Netflix’s tweet where other large brands replied with sexually suggestive tweets. While it didn’t help us understand the history of social media, it was a humorous break from the lesson plan. The second was a quick summation of The Long Tail with an attached image of the dinosaur graph. In The Long Tail, we discussed scarcity and the change of e-commerce and niche markets that help drive brand decision making and communications.

A call to action: 

The purpose of this tweet was to have others in the class think about who they follow on social media and generate a conversation around topics discussed in The Cluetrain. With more interactions, even examples of Brands that aren’t doing a good job, we could see where and how companies and brands need to change their strategies. While we only saw one response, it was a well thought out response in which Trevor thought about the quality of the conversations that the Golden Knights are having on Twitter.