October 7, 2022

Twitter Management Team: January 31, 2019. All About Influencers.

By: David Gugliotti, Laura Groshans, Bodie Crist, Molly Mair

Will we ever end the high school need to know what the “cool” kids are doing?

Thursday’s class discussion dove into the why, how, and what of the INFLUENCER. Our team posted 13 articles prior to class related to influencers for context. In class, Kelli discussed influencers as people who are active on social media and blogs. They are brand advocates and promoters. They can be “big” celebs and niche thought/opinion leaders.

True influencers drive action not just awareness, they offer their support in the decision making process. Ultimately, followers do NOT equal influence. An effective influencer has the ability to change behaviors or impact purchase decisions in a given context.

An example of mega influencers discussed in class were LeBron James potentially spiking wine sales with his recent court side vino sipping and Kylie Jenner with her astute self-promotion.


There is a wide spectrum of influencer types from mega to nano. Finding the right fit for a business depends on the marketing budget, goal of the campaign, and results sought. Nano influencers have a niche following often with higher rates of engagement than mega influencers.

To apply influencers to a social media strategy follow the idea of the diagram Laura, found extremely quickly after Kelli projected it in class.

Kelli shared a case study of Will Leather Goods and the strategic use of influencers and photographers to promote products and receive content material.

Class wrapped up with The Rules of using influencers and guidelines set by the FTC. Moral of the story, people do not like to be tricked and are less likely to trust influencers opinions if the influencer is paid to say they like something.

As the demand for authenticity and engagement increases in social media campaigns, the role of influencers will continue to evolve.

There were 86 tweets with #SOJCssm January 31, 2019 and a social media reach of 6,994 according to the analytics provided by Brand24.

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