August 11, 2022

Twitter Management February 7,2019

Twitter Management Team: February 7, 2019

By: Ari Rassouli, Carly Grossman, Madelyn Dwyer, Kierstyn Yardley

Thursday’s class was centered around social media policy and crisis communication/management. The day before, our team tweeted relevant articles and shared our general thoughts to initiate the online conversation.

Kelli began class by briefly going over the details for our final project. Afterward, she continued our discussion on the importance of social media policy as an employee guideline. She explained how it can be a helpful internal tool and empower employees to execute positive decision making. The class also learned the best practices for forming social media policies.

To encourage the online conversation, we tweeted main ideas from the lecture, as well as shared informative links that related to things mentioned in class. We also periodically shared memes to present the information in a diverse, entertaining way.

The class then shifted to exploring crisis communication and management on social media. We defined what a crisis is, the types of crises, and how social media can contribute to a crisis. Next, we learned how to look for vulnerabilities within your organization and take preventable measures like creating crisis plans–as well as strategies to deal with one when it does arise.

The class examined multiple examples/case studies of crises (and social media’s role), which created a lot of conversation on Twitter. We used similar methods (as with social media policy) to facilitate this discussion. Gucci, Dominos and This is Us–to name a few–all managed to work their way into our conversation.

In total, there were 71 tweets that included #SOJCssm on February 7, 2019 with a reach of 7,990.

Twitter Handles: Ari Rassouli, Carly Grossman, Madelyn Dwyer, Kierstyn Yardley