Content Strategy

By: Ani Clifford, Taylin Minnaert, Rachel Hanks

The class was very engaged in today’s Twitter feed, with over 80 tweets! Today we heard from Kateri Kosta and Jonathan Michael from Palo Alto Software. They spoke about the different aspects of content strategy. Jonathan Michael started off the presentation by asking the class, “What is the point of social media?”

Kosta and Michael gave us a brief description of content strategy. They described the different tactics of content strategy as lego parts that fit together to build something whole. They discussed the “golden thread” that connects everything together and creates a plan that gets people to take a certain action. Content strategy is all about testing your hypothesis.


The Inbound Marketing Funnel is a strategic tool that is used to show how brands attract potential customers to their sites, and how they turn them into loyal customers.


Some additional key topics that Kosta and Michael covered this class include:

  • The importance of creating detailed target audience personas
  • Stages of the buyer’s journey and how to insert your brand into every stage
  • Search engine optimization
  • Edited content makes your message more powerful
  • The value of editorial calendars


This class reiterated a lot of what Kelli has already taught us, but it’s always useful to know that the themes we learn in class are relevant in the professional world.


Ani Clifford: @ani_clifford

Taylin Minnaert: @minnaert_taylin

Rachel Hanks: @rachelhanks18

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  1. Rita Herbstman says:

    Ani, Taylin and Rachel – Great post! I really enjoyed the guest speakers we had today because they made their key concepts extremely clear. The screenshots from the Twitter feed were an awesome touch to this post. I will definitely be comparing this blog post to my notes to make sure I didn’t miss anything!

  2. Georgia Orgain says:

    Ani, Taylin, and Rachel- I was unable to attend class this past Monday and this blog post was very informative and well written. I liked the breakdown of the key topics as well as the included photo.
    Thanks for the information.

  3. Kelly Thackery says:

    The presentation from palo alto software was really interesting like you said because it was nice to see and hear the things we’ve been learning about all term be reinforced by professionals in the field. I really liked their take on the funnel as well after so much back and forth about wether it is relevant or not (Amber Naslund) as they had a very “loose based” approach when looking at the funnel as in they know it isn’t a strict rigid plan that needs to be followed.

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