Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics

By: Kelsey Scott, Justin Surber, Aubree Tolley and Jordyn Volk

Wednesday’s class was dedicated to dipping our toes into Google Analytics. Only a few people raised their hands when asked if they had experience with the analytics platform, so it was the first time learning about it for much of the class. We had three main points to the lecture: understanding, interpreting and analyzing.

We began with basic terminology necessary for understanding Google Analytics. This included new and returning visitors, direct, organic and paid traffic, top landing pages, activity measures, top exit pages and bounce rate. The class especially became interested in bounce rates.

Kelli used her work with Glasscraft as an example to explore the dashboard. We looked through different information, such as in-market segments, affinity categories, demographics and audience behavior. There was so much to investigate with Google Analytics, almost anything we wanted to find was available at our fingertips. And of course we had some fun with the client and the glass blowing class Kelli attended.

Overall, this was one of the most instructive classes of the term. The ability to see Google Analytics working in real time instead of solely referring to screenshots. Many people were encouraged after the class ended to consider getting trained in Google Analytics, which is a helpful resume booster for any college student.

The class was extremely engaged today, with 180 tweets by 47 contributors. The conversations ranged from humorous gifs to helpful links to case studies and articles about the importance of Google Analytics. Engagement in class was just as high in class as it was outside of class, with many students asking questions and telling anecdotes. Clearly, this was a lecture the class was excited about and it delivered. If we learned anything from class, it’s that Google knows everything, and we’re kind okay with that.

Featured image by: Pexels

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