Using Social Media to Spread Awareness of the Anthropocene

By: Josh Hoffman


The Anthropocene, which is not a common term for many, is an expression for how humans interact with the Earth’s geology and ecosystems. In today’s society, the Anthropocene is becoming a more and more common term because of the way us humans are treating our globe. Due to exponential population growth, we currently have more than seven billion people living on our Earth, and are expected to grow to between nine and ten billion by 2050. The question is do we have enough non-renewable resources to last while our population is still growing exponentially for the years to come?


While we are dealing with the issue of overpopulation we must also focus on the amount of non-renewable resources such as clean water and fossil fuels we have remaining. Other than doing what you can do in your everyday life to conserve energy and save water, there’s not much one can do as an individual to combat the Anthropocene on their own. That is where social media is able to come into play.


Photo by Gerd Altmann

Social media is a very, very powerful instrument if utilized in the right way. When it comes to speaking out on things, activists turn to platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to speak their minds. As seen in the past, activists have used these platforms to speak out on political figures, racial issues, and many other problems that we see in our modern day society.


Speaking your mind is one of the most important rights given to us by our government. The Anthropocene and our Earth’s future is something that needs to be spoken on more, because our world’s future depends on it.

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  1. Grieta King says:

    What a great angle Josh! It is such an unfortunate state that our planet is in currently and I too think that using social media to help raise awareness is something that everyone should be doing. Many activist groups, passionate individuals, and other organizations have already taken action and are online advocating for various movements to help combat the effects of human destruction that led us to the Anthropocene. Social media can act as an aid for raising awareness, but we must also question ways in which it contributed to it. Humans have become reliant on social media in their daily lives, using it to communicate with others, read up on the news, and seek entertainment when they have five free minutes. Before social media, people weren’t tunnel-visioned into their phones. More eyes were looking up and more focus was on the world’s current issues. The Anthropocene was unavoidable, and social media played a part in getting here, but now we can at least spread awareness before it is too late.

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