November 29, 2022

3 thoughts on “#FeartheHashtag

  1. Hashtags are something that I have always been indifferent about. My older sister uses them all the time and I used to tell her to stop because her caption would be all hashtags. After we learned about the benefits of using hashtags, I realized it’s probably best to use them when you are trying to bring more attention to the post.

  2. This lecture was so great because sometimes your see brand using hashtags incorrectly and I think to myself I’m no social media expert but that can’t be right. So, I couldn’t agree more with the takeaway “Content takes time–it’s strategic and current” and the brands without a social media team need to realize this strategy. I would like to know what are people’s thoughts when it comes to hashtags for influencers/bloggers trying to broaden their reach and network.

  3. I think that this post really nailed down what good content strategy can do for a brand. It’s important to understand that having an account reach it’s full potential you must have a clear objective and specific people you want to reach. As far as hashtags go, so many individuals and organizations misuse hashtags or don’t utilize them in the most effective way. Hashtags have the ability to make your content more visible and have the most continuity. By using them incorrectly or not at all you are essentially passing up the opportunity to expand your reach.

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