December 7, 2021

Twitter Management Summary

Adam M Kantor – Adam’s Twitter

If there was a single point Carri would want us to take away from the day, it would be that content is king, and it is one hungry beast.   Whether is it user Generated or Curated, or it uses any number of different mediums, it has a short shelf life, and needs to be created constantly. There were also a number of key terms, such as White Label that we learned.

Content Calendars are the future of Social Media Marketing. It is a great way to cut down on the human resources allocated to content creation. In addition, it serves to keep a consistent personality for your brand. Is your communication light-hearted and playful, or purely professional and informational. Social media can often serve as a human face to an otherwise corporate entity. When doing Social Media Planning, the first thing we do is audit. This is where we establish our goals and metrics for measuring success. Additionally, we examine which types of posts work best. There are several great sites that will help you create your content calendar.

Picking the right platform for your business to engage your audience with is an often overlooked and key factor in how successful your efforts will be. For example, SnapChat skews very heavily toward females, at nearly an 80-20 differential. Therfore, if your product is aimed at males, SnapChat is not the right choice for you to market through. Youtube, on the other hand, is used by 83% of all teenagers. Therefore, the same logic would tell us that a product that skews young would be a excellent choice to market using a youtube video.







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