The Importance of Social Listening

By: Bailey Rogers 

Who is talking? What are they saying? How is my brand being discussed? These are all important questions to ask before engaging in social listening.  Social media is a wonderful tool to connect with an audience, but it’s important to listen to what they want in order to maintain a good reputation.  Most of the time when brands are mentioned on social media, their handle isn’t used. For this reason exactly it’s up to them to dig deeper into all content that garners attention for their company or the industry in general.  This includes searching for all keywords, possible misspellings of the company name, information about competitors and any keywords pertaining to the industry as a whole.

The next step is to create an engagement strategy. Once you find conversations about your company and/or industry, it’s time to get involved. Take the time to strategically think of ways to respond to whatever content is floating around and take note of what responses bode well with your audience. Moreover, it’s important to take into consideration that different responses are needed for different platforms of social media (ie: you wouldn’t respond the same way  on Twitter versus Facebook).

The last step is possibly the most important: evaluation and adjustment. Not all analyses are going to go smoothly and end with positive results, but nonetheless it’s important to take in whatever results your team has and use them to adjust.  Social media is a constantly changing realm and companies need to stay on their toes to adapt alongside it.

Below are some helpful tools for tracking:



-Social Mention



There were 168 total posts for the day with a reach of 71,481. There were 121 original tweets, 29 @ tweets and 18 retweets. There were 32 contributors to the conversation

The most active participant was Olivia Determan

And with that,

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  1. Joey Jaraczewski says:

    I’m really intrigued by the idea that different social channels are geared towards different types of conversations. This allows for a brand to really expose its personality through moods on the different channels. This obviously takes lots of time and effort to make sure the voice is uniform across channels, even while the content must be differentiated to be truly effective.

    For the brand I am creating, Sohr, I’d really like to find ways to organically formalize the voice of the brand across channels. I know that those two seem like opposite concepts, but I would be welcome to the suggestions of your team!

    -Joey J
    Sohr Performance + Nutrition

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