May 27, 2022

Social Media & Content Strategy Jobs in the Portland Area


Seniors: Do you want to be the next Carmen Hill?  The term (and our time at the University of Oregon) will end in 18 days, so now is your chance to kick-start a career in social media and content strategy.  Our conversation with Carmen, the fabulous “strategic storyteller and content mixologist,” ended with her words of wisdom to “be passionately curious” as we enter the professional realm.  I’ve been curiously researching job opportunities in public relations, social media strategy and development all over the West Coast. Here are a few of my findings – enjoy!

Easy Media in Beaverton, Oregon is looking for a Social Media Content Specialist.

This entry-level, part-time position involves research, posting of strategically written content, assistance with content portfolios and other duties.  Easy Media’s team is fun-loving and embraces uniqueness, which is apparent on their website team page. The firm’s clientele is a niche market of small apartment communities.

Carmen pointed out that a social media team needs to work together in order to produce effective, strategic content. Easy Media is looking for an individual that works well as a flexible team player and independently.

Carmen also described her use of Evernote for client research and archiving information. Easy Media’s content specialist will be required to research and identify content specific to clients.

Powell’s Books in Portland, Oregon is hiring a Marketing Coordinator on the social media portfolio.

The coordinator will manage all social media campaigns and work on other special projects. And yes, as you may have guessed, all candidates must love books and reading.

Powell’s Books is requesting candidates with strong relationship skills. As Carmen mentioned today, building relationships with influencers (as well as clients) is important and similar to building friendships.

Not only should seniors be curious right now, but curiosity needs to take form as a honed skill set crucial to a career in social strategy or public relations. Powell’s Books is looking for someone who can function as a self-starter and remain on top of social media and pop culture trends.
Life as a Social Media Manager



Check out this great infographic for a quick snapshot of the life of a strategic social media/content manager!




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8 thoughts on “Social Media & Content Strategy Jobs in the Portland Area

  1. Anna,

    Great post! I like how you were able to inform us about current job listing and tie in some key points Carmen touched on during her guest lecture. It is crazy how fast this year, especially this term, has flown by!

  2. Anna,

    Thanks for the tips! I’m about to graduate and have been searching the job market day in and day out. But what I have learned is that there is a lot of opportunities for people who understand social media strategy. All companies need to learn how to speak to their audiences, and social media platforms are the most readily available space to talk to their consumers for free. And how cool would it be to work for Powell’s? #dreamjob

    -Katie McGuigan @knmcguigan

  3. Great post, Anna! I like how you’re thinking about our next steps because job hunts can be difficult. My sister actually works for Powell’s Books in HR so let me know if you’re interested in the Marketing position and I can give you her name as a recommendation.

  4. Anna- Thanks for sharing! I agree that we should all be curious and constantly be consuming media to stay up to date with the world. This is cool to see what each company is specifically looking for in a candidate and helpful because I know a lot of us are job searching right now!

  5. Oh my gosh! 18 days that is so scary to think about. Great post! I love that you included that quote from Carmen, “be passionately curious,” because that really resonated with me as well. This was one of my favorite guest lectures because I consider myself to be a social media strategist and extremely interested in the trade. And who doesn’t love Powell’s? Gosh, if I wasn’t moving I would so be applying for that job.

  6. Awesome post and much appreciated. Another tip for people is LinkedIn. For the longest time, Craigslist was my go-to when it came to searching for jobs. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that LinkedIn offers a section on jobs that you can filter out by area, level of experience, and job type. They have wayyyy better ones than Craigslist by a longshot, and offer much more detail on the jobs and companies themselves. There are lots on there for social media and marketing!

  7. Alexander Cano

    Anna thanks for the tips! As if I needed more reminders to get my life together.
    Jokes aside, I am curious and willing to enter this digital branding world, at least for the time being. It’s exciting to think that I could be operating with more knowledge than most on this topic.

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