May 27, 2022

Q&A With Carmen Hill: Strategic Storyteller and Content Mixologist

By Sophie Lair

Journalist, writer and marketer, Carmen Hill has decades of experience in content strategy. She believes that “content is more than collateral—it’s a core business asset that can attract new audiences, educate and nurture prospects, accelerate the sales cycle, and inspire customers to become loyal advocates.” Currently a Marketing Director at Connective DX in Portland, Oregon, Hill leads a team of marketers who all work to craft stories and content to build on the company’s legacy.

Hill was able to answer our questions today during the in-class Skype session. Here are a few of our questions and her responses:

How do you maximize the content published on the social media channels you have during a limited amount of time?
The content connects the company with your customers. So start with the customers. If you don’t understand the people you are trying to sell to, then you can’t create the content or marketing programs that can be effect your market. It is best to make the most out of that content by approaching it in a way of creating a few home run or big pieces. This will allow you to repurpose and reuse your idea(s). For example, my team created a 38-page e-book for a paid sponsorship for a podcast to rebrand them. We put this together quickly for this one client but the sections of the e-book will be able to used in other ways like blog posts or templates.

How can businesses create and generate content without seeming too “sponsory” and instead, be genuine?
Utilize content that will be beneficial to your customers. Consider how you plan to build the relationship needed to impress their boss, increase their revenue, grow as a professional, or even, get promoted. You can then build content revolving around these pieces. You are then helping them in a unique and sincere way. It establishes trust and credibility for you as a business or individuals and from there, you can learn about them as well.

What is your process for creating content strategy for a client?
It varies depending on the place but I recommend starting with research. This is the discovery process so ask: What are they trying to achieve? Understanding the context of the business and the audience the company is working with, including customer insights will help direct that company. So make sure to also read up. Read and learn about your clients and their industry. The internet is a beautiful thing.

What are your tips for graduates or aspiring young professionals?
Be curious. Stay curious. I think being passionately curious is one of the most important skills because it is a continuous process. Step out of your comfort zone to keep your skills sharp.

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